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Asset Manager

DS Aviation GmbH & Co. KG (“DS Aviation”) has been appointed by the Company to provide asset management services to the Company.

DS Aviation is a German limited partnership. DS Aviation’s registered office is situated at Stockholmer Allee 53, 44269 Dortmund, Germany. DS Aviation is a limited partnership with DS Aviation Management GmbH and Dr. Peters being its general and limited partners respectively. DS Aviation is indirectly wholly-owned by JS Holding GmbH & Co. KG.

Christian Mailly of DS Aviation is a member of ISTAT, the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading.

Dr. Peters has been developing, placing and managing closed-ended funds for over 35 years and is among the longest running and largest owner-operated initiators of closed-ended funds in Germany. Dr. Peters is a leading provider of products and services for investors in the fields of aviation, shipping and real estate. One of the firm’s core competencies is its asset management expertise, which is an integrated part of all Dr. Peters transactions and a cornerstone of the business. DS Aviation is responsible for the sourcing and structuring and commercial and technical management of aviation investments made by Dr. Peters funds.

Further information on DS Aviation can be found here: